February Garden Diary

February – Garden Maintenance – Nottingham.

Average temperatures: 1.2°C / 7.2°C                                  10 Day Weather Forecast
Average rainfall: 1.7 inches
Average sunshine: 64.7 hours

Still winter but the days are getting noticeably longer and average temperatures should rise a fraction. January was remarkably mild for much of the month but the recent cold snap shows that frost and snow is still a real danger. For high and exposed gardens that danger may continue right through to March and possibly beyond .

Now is a good time to wander round your garden to see how plants and structures are coping through the winter months. Hopefully you’ve not had many hard frosts so with a bit of luck damage will be minimal. Check your paving for movement and cast your eye over the gaps between any slabs, stones and any brickwork you have, looking for loose grouting. The odd problem you can probably fix yourself but if it seems more serious then it might be worth getting an expert opinion.

Many of your garden plants are still dormant but with the mild weather, in sheltered areas grass growth has continued through the winter. If you’re lucky enough to have winter flowering shrubs in your garden, there will be a bit of colour to enjoy and maybe even a little perfumed scent in the air. Bulbs will have made their first appearance or be well on their way. It can be very satisfying to see the first signs of new life for the new season.

One word of caution though: don’t be too hasty to lift any plants that you think may not have survived the winter. It is sometimes surprising to see how new growth can spring from apparently dead plants once the weather warms a little. But if you’re confident the plant is dead then lift and dispose of it with any other garden waste.

With maybe the odd bare patch to consider, a trip to the garden centre may inspire you. Container plants can be planted at just about any time of the year, though my preference would be to leave things a little while longer until the ground is more workable. Don’t forget too that if you’ve had your garden built or renovated by a Garden Landscaper, they will be pleased to hear from you if you would like any advice about your plants – and having spent a great deal of care designing and building your garden, would appreciate hearing how it is developing.

And don’t forget too that garden birds will still be struggling to find food. If you can, put some wild bird food out for them and some ice free clean water. You’ll be able to enjoy seeing them eat the food and drink the water. If we get a bit of warmth and sunshine they might even have a splash around for a bath.


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