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Clever and creative planting will transform a mundane garden into something exceptional.

When creating a new garden or revitalising an existing one, it can be easy to focus on the hard-landscaping – paths, paving and walls – and leave the planting as an after-thought. A skilled Garden Landscaper will always be thinking of the finished result as a whole with planting being integral and essential to the design.

Gardens are there to be enjoyed and to be lived in and used with flair, plants will soften hard outlines and give colour and year round interest.

Modern plant varieties offer almost unlimited choice in colour, form and habitat. They can be slow or fast growing, dwarf or natural, evergreen or deciduous and chosen for flowering, fruiting or leaf colour. But without careful thought mistakes can be made. What will that plant look like in Spring, Summer and Winter? Will it compliment or clash with its neighbours? Are the soil and light conditions suitable? All things that must be considered to avoid costly errors and disappointments.

Each garden is different and each garden owner has different ideas and requirements for their garden. Maybe the setting would favour a courtyard look with a mix of small beds, attractive containers and easy maintenance planting. Or maybe a cottage garden style, or a wild garden. In every case the correct choice of planting will make all the difference.

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