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Hard Landscaping and Landscape Gardening in Nottingham

Landart Landscapes has 20 years experience Landscape Gardening in Nottingham, laying paving and decking, paths and walls, driveways and patios. We know that great care must be taken to understand the underlying physical properties of the ground that garden structures sit on or in. The care taken in their construction and the quality of the materials used, will largely determine their durability.

Often described as hard landscaping, the fixed solid structures within the garden define shape and contour as well as providing attractive, practical, usable space to enjoy.


So much choice and so many companiesPaving Nottingham to choose from to do your paving. Unfortunately, not all of them are up to the job. Time and weather will play havoc with poorly laid paving and what looks like a good job to start with can often look very different after just a few months. Ground preparation is key and this is where short-cuts are sometimes made – hidden until things start to go wrong. A carefully constructed base, levels set correctly to allow rain run off, the right choice of materials and years of experience working with them will ensure the best and longest lasting result.


Nothing else quite matches the versatility and beauty of natural wood decking.

Decking NottinghamAllowing raised areas to be easily created, giving height and interest in the garden, the softer outline of a wooden structure teams well with and compliments planting placed around the area. As with paving, ground preparation is very important but one clear advantage of decking is that it can sit above uneven ground meaning that far less ground preparation or soil removal is required.

Perfect for creating a level surface on sloping ground, or giving a raised seating area to enjoy the view, decking is a favourite with many people.


Badly done, the wrong choice of walling can beWalling Nottingham a garden disaster. Walls are often used to retain large (heavy) banks of earth, creating terraces, steps and borders to paths. The internal structure of the wall, the bit you can’t see, has to be right for the job and able to hold back considerable weight and handle rain, ice, snow and people! The external structure of the wall can be purely cosmetic as well as functional.

Stone wall NottinghamThe choices in materials are huge but should be chosen to be sympathetic to the garden design.

Natural materials, wooden sleepers, stone and of course brickwork all tend to work best.



A driveway doesn’t just have to be something your car goes on. It can be a feature in its own right. Whilst big strips of black tarmac have their place in some situations, block paving or stone chippings or gravel can be a very attractive and functional alternative.

Yet again, poor construction techniques can leaveDriveway Nottingham the driveway looking a mess after a very short period of time. Getting levels and drainage right is essential. The base has to be built to take the materials used for the surface finish. This will be very different for block paving than for gravel or stone chipping.

Loose materials in particular have to have a graded base that they can bond to otherwise you’ll be forever raking up the scattered stones.


Landart Landscapes has 20 years experience in hard landscaping across Nottingham and the East Midlands and builds quality structures which weather well and last for many years. Occasional maintenance and treatments will prolong both the lifetime and maintain attractiveness.

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