Garden Landscaping Nottingham

Whether transforming the empty space of a new build or renovating an old and established garden, we have the landscaping skills and experience to create a beautiful, affordable garden, for you. Landart Landscapes – Garden Landscaping Nottingham.

Experienced and Professional Garden Landscaping in Nottingham

Landart Landscapes have over 20 years experience of Landscaping in Nottingham and the East Midlands. We design and build new gardens and revitalise tired existing gardens.

Creating a beautiful Garden

Other than new-builds, it is quite rare to start with a complete blank canvas on which to plan out a beautiful garden. More often than not there is at least the basic structure of a garden which has to be considered.

Landscaping Nottingham - New-buildA skilled Garden Landscaper will be able to make the most of the opportunities that are presented whether landscaping a a bare piece of ground or an established garden.

Landart Landscapes have 20 years experience Garden Landscaping in Nottingham and the East Midlands.

The start of the Garden Landscaping process

We are happy to work to and follow an exact brief from our clients or present new ideas and options. Either way, the starting point is an initial meeting where we can look at the site and listen to your requirements. We work in a careful and structured way to deliver the garden you want.


New- builds and starting with a bare patch of land

In some ways this is the most challenging scenario for a Garden Landscaper.

Landscaping Nottingham - Large spaceOn the one hand there’s the excitement of almost unlimited possibilities, but on the other hand,  there is a need to design and build a garden which is attractive and usable and not one which will take years to establish.

Here the choice of materials used will be important and natural materials will soften and blend more quickly than man made. A new garden can look very flat, so subtle, or even dramatic variations in the height of the structures and their textures can make a great difference. Similarly, the choice of planting is key. Large, mature shrubs and trees can be very expensive so must be used carefully.

Fast growing shrubs have their place but not overused as they can soon outgrow their position and be a burden to maintain. Blending all these factors into the garden design is a skill that only an experienced Garden Designer and Landscaper will have.


Restoring and improving an existing garden

Just as challenging as starting with a blank canvas, restoring or improving an existing garden requires a creative mind coupled with an understanding of the limitations and opportunities that the existing garden structures and planting offers.

Landscaping Nottingham - Improving existing spaceHere there’s an opportunity to correct long-standing drainage problems for a healthier and more usable garden space.

Old, tired soil can be improved and compacted soil freshened and aerated. New paths can be laid or old broken paths can be repaired or relaid with more attractive materials.

Lawns can be cleared of moss and weeds, bare areas can be reseeded or new turf laid.

Landscaping Nottingham - New pathExisting planting can be assessed for its appearance and usefulness and reshaped with careful and skilled pruning.

New planting can be added for new interest or to compliment the existing plants.


Landart Landscapes: Garden Landscaping Nottingham

Affordable and Professional Garden Design, Build and Maintenance.