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Garden maintenance can take a lot of time and also a lot of skill. With everyone leading such busy lives and having other demands on their time, it makes sense to get some help. But why let an untrained odd-job man loose on your lovely garden when an expert can do it for you for much the same cost? Landart Landscapes offers a wide range of garden services in Nottingham.


Lawns form the heart of many gardens but need a lot of upkeep if they are to maintain their attractiveness year round. Careful, regular mowing is essential but all lawns will benefit from occasional aerating, scarifying and treatments to keep weeds and moss at bay. If a lawn has been neglected or heavily shaded, reseeding or turfing can bring it back to pristine condition.


Hedges add structure and privacy in a garden but invariably become unkempt and overgrown over time. Regular trimming will help a hedge keep its shape but dealing with a large high hedge can be tricky. Landart Landscapes have the specialist equipment and training to work safely and quickly – and of course, to take all the hedge trimmings away leaving your garden clean and tidy.


Paths take a lot of traffic in the garden and over time will become worn and possibly dangerous. Keep your paths looking good and being safe by having worn and damaged areas professionally repaired.


Pruning keeps shrubs healthy and in good shape but there is a right time and right method for every plant. Get it wrong and die-back can be a problem and disease can take hold leaving unsightly areas. Or that beautiful flowering shrub may not flower this year. Landart Landscapes has the skills and knowledge to know when and how each plant must be treated to stay at its best.



Landart Landscapes: Garden Services Nottingham

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